We proudly offer African Women's Cooperatives Baskets and Hampers. Baobab Collectives purchases baskets directly from The Women's Cooperatives, contributing to a sustainable income source for women in this very difficult area, as well as supporting the continuation of traditional crafts.

Where we make a difference is we do direct trade working in direct partnership with the coops. 57 percent of the proceed goes straight back to the cooperatives. This way we make a valuable impact on the social economic lives of the women, their families and communities. 

The Women Collectives utilize traditional weaving techniques to create these intricately patterned baskets. 

These baskets are made from all natural and locally harvested materials such as wild grasses, small vines, and palm leaves organic dyed with tree bark, recycled yoga mats, recycled telephone wire, mullet husk and Elephant grass .

Baobab Collectives baskets are an exciting way to bring traditional African crafts into your contemporary home! And when you purchase a fairly traded baskets, you receive a beautiful hand woven product while helping families in developing areas like Senegal, Ghana, Uganda, Botswana, Mali, Kenya, Niger, and South African Zulu, raise their standard of living.

Please stay tuned as we will be providing testimonials from the different coops we work with 
Thanks for supporting Baobab Collectives!